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Trusted money transfer services backed by Western Union, the pioneer in global remittances, and GraceKennedy Money Services, a leader in regional financial services.

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Welcome to the largest remittance network in the Caribbean with a footprint stretching from Jamaica in the North to Trinidad in the South.

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With Western Union's 'money in minutes' promise, you can collect cash in-store in as little as 15 minutes after transfer. And with more than 40 locations across the island, you are always close to a pick up point. Try our range of digital services for even safer and faster transactions.


Send and receive money in more than 120 countries in every corner of the world. As the pioneer in remittances, serving customers for over 100 years, Western Union is globally recognized for reliable, safe and convenient money transfers.

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Explore our options for receiving money with Western Union.

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No need to leave home. Receive funds directly in your bank account held at First Citizens,  JMMB, Republic,  RBC and Scotia banks.

2 Easy steps:

Register your bank account in-store or using our online portal to start receiving funds. Existing customers register here.


Visit any of our over 40 locations islandwide to collect your Western Union money transfer with ease.

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Explore our safe and convenient ways to send funds to your loved ones.

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With just a phone call you can send money easily. Call our Customer Service Centre to send money transfers within Trinidad & Tobago or overseas. One time in-store registration required for new customers.

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Start sending your Western Union money transfer from anywhere, at any time and pay in store!


Visit any of our over 40 locations island wide to send funds locally or internationally. Your loved ones will be able to access the funds in minutes.

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To use the Direct to Bank service you have to be a registered D2B customer – registration is a quick and easy one-time activity that takes place online (for existing GKMS Western Union customers) and in-store for new customers.

There are three (3) Phases in the Direct to Bank (D2B) process:

Phase 1: Customer Registration.

New customers must register in-store at any GKMS Western Union. Existing GKMS Western Union customers can register online: Access the GraceKennedy Money Services website using your computer or mobile phone and fill out the required registration details. The online registration website is

GKMS customers will have the opportunity to enter demographic and banking information supported by pictorial proof that the information presented for verification is valid and current.

After confirming the validity of their email, customers will be able to access the online portal and navigate through the screens entering the relevant information to process their registration.

Customers are required to provide the following:

  1. Basic Info – Name, DOB.
  2. Employment Info– Place of employment and employment particulars i.e. occupation.
  3. Contact info – Current mailing address, Telephone, Cell numbers.
  4.  Primary Identification Info– National ID, Driver’s Permit or Passport.
  5.  Secondary identification Info– customer will provide a second ID type of the three options stated above.
  6. Security Info– Customer required to provide secret questions and answers to secure their account and future transactions.
  7. Document Upload– All the relevant documents required to process the application is uploaded into the system. The documents have to be verified in a separate phase of the process before the customer is able to access the service.

Phase 2: Customer Verification Process

The verification process consists of actions by GKMS to validate the authenticity of the  information provided at the Registration Stage (uploaded documents+ banking information + Demographic information). This involves matching uploaded details against information available in our internal databases as well as external National ID Verification Systems. You will be contacted by one of our team members when this step is completed.

Phase 3: Start using Direct to Bank!

Once you have been successfully registered you can start receiving Western Union money transfers in your bank account. Follow these quick steps:

  1.  Call our Contact Centre at 623-6000 the next time you are expecting a money transfer to initiate the bank transfer. Calls should be placed as soon as funds are available for collection.
  2. Tell the CSR you are registered for Direct to Bank transfers.
  3. Provide the related Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
  4. Enjoy the safety & convenience of having funds transferred directly into your bank account.

GKMS Digital Services

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