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Digital Registration

Register for GKMS Digital Services

Once you register, you will be able to access our DIRECT TO BANK and TELESEND services. See below for options to register for our digital services.

Note: You must register in order to have funds sent to your bank account.

Direct To Bank

Receive your money transfer directly into your bank account either by:

1. Providing your sender with the registered bank account information to send the funds directly to.


2. Only providing your sender with your name, then calling our Customer Service Centre at 876-926-2454 with your MTCN to have your funds sent to your bank account.

Note: If money has already been sent to your account and you have not yet registered, you must complete your registration within seven (7) days of the money being sent or it will be returned to your sender.


Send money transfers locally or internationally over the phone by:

Calling our Customer Service Centre at 876-926-2454 and follow the simple instructions.

How to Register?


1. Click here

2. Follow the steps

3. Start receiving money transfer to your bank account

*Registration approval will be confirmed within one (1) business day

At Location

1. Download the application form here

2. Complete the required fields

3. Visit the nearest Western Union location with your Government Issued Identification and Tax Registration Number (TRN) to complete the process.

Video Guides

How To Upload Selfie

Uploading Proof Of Address

Frequently Asked Questions

The Direct to Bank service is a Western Union money transfer offering that allows a customer to receive their funds directly into a bank account. Customers must register for the Direct to Bank service either online via or visit their nearest Western Union location. Customers who have registered for the Direct to Bank service are able to receive funds directly to their bank account in two (2) ways:

  1. Provide your sender with your banking details to automatically send directly to your bank account. Your sender must indicate that they wish to send directly to your bank account when sending.

  2. Call our Call Centre at 876-926-2454 with your ten (10) digits MTCN and request for your funds to be sent directly to your bank account. Please note that once you did not provide your sender with your bank account details then you will need to use Option 2.
  • Money coming into Jamaica – Senders may transfer funds to their receivers account in Jamaica. After the receiver has done a one-time registration for the service, funds will automatically be sent to their account from overseas or within Jamaica.

  • Intra-Island – Senders in Jamaica may transfer funds to their receiver’s account in Jamaica. After the receiver has done a one-time registration for the service, funds will automatically be sent to their account.

  • Receivers may call the customer service centre at 876-926-2454 and have their funds transferred to their bank account. However, they must first do a one-time registration for the service
To begin receiving money directly in your bank account, you must first do a one-time registration for the service. There are two ways to register:

  1. Visit a GKMS/Western Union® agent location to register your account details to start receiving Direct to Bank money transfers.

  2. Visit, Click on Digital Registration at the top right hand corner of this website and follow the steps.
  1. Registering in store:

You need all of the following:

  • A MyWU number. If you don’t have one, you can get one at a Western Union agent location when you are registering or you can also sign up for one at

Any of the following Photo ID’s*:

  • Valid Jamaican Driver’s License
  • Valid Jamaican Voter’s ID+ TRN
  • Valid Passport + TRN

Note: If at any time you expect to receive more than US$2,000 in a single transaction, you MUST provide two (2) forms of IDs when registering..

  • Proof of current address
  • A current telephone/ mobile number
  • A current email address
  • Proof of current occupation
  • Your banking details:
  1. Name of your bank
  2. Official Name of the bank branch (as shown on statement)
  3. Your account number
  • Proof of account ownership (One of the following):
  1. Bank statement
  2. Bank Book
  3. Digital Screen shot showing full name on the account and account number in the same view
  4. Cancelled cheque; or Letter from the bank to the customer with the customer name and account number shown).
  1. Registering online:

To ensure a successful registration, you will need the following:

  • Jamaican Taxpayer’s Registration Number (TRN)
  • Valid Jamaican Photo ID (Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID)
  • Selfie with ID held next to your face
  • Email address
  • Proof of Jamaican address (utility bill in your name, letter from a bank)
  • Proof of ownership of bank account (Bank statement, screenshot of your bank account showing your account and your name), letter from bank, cancelled cheque)

You will be able to receive your first direct to bank transaction 24 hours after the registration has been verified


  • Valid Jamaican Driver’s License
  • Valid Jamaican Voter’s ID 
  • Valid Jamaican Passport 


To successfully register for this service, you will have to provide proof that you are the owner of the bank account. You may use any of the following as proof of ownership: 

  • Bank statement, screenshot of your bank account showing your account and your name, 
  • Letter from bank, 
  • Cancelled cheque)


You may use any of the following:

  • Utility Bills,
  • Bank statements,
  • Legal correspondence or any formal correspondence that clearly links the registrant to the address provided. 

Note: If at any time you expect to receive more than US$2,000 in a single transaction, you receiver MUST provide  2 forms of ID’s.

No. Once you have successfully registered online and your documents are verified, you will not be required to go into a location to complete your registration.

No. Registration for all our services is free of charge to all applicants.

We take customer’s private information seriously and will ensure that it is kept confidential and secured. To that end, only authorized agents of our company are involved in the onboarding of registered customers, will see and have access to customers information. All information shared with the company will be used only for the intended purpose.

Money transfers can be sent to most major commercial banks in Jamaica. The following banks are supported at this time are:

  • First Global Bank (FGB)
  • National Commercial Bank (NCB)
  • Scotiabank (Scotia)
  • First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB)
  • Sagicor
  • Jamaica National Bank (JNB) 
  • JMMB*Please call our Customer Service Centre at 876-926-2454 to receive the latest information on additional banks or credit unions that are being supported.

Timing is everything! Depending on the time the transaction is sent, your transaction will be received and process at different times throughout the course of the day.

For transfers to FGB, NCB and Scotia Bank accounts, transfers sent before 3:45pm local Jamaica time are generally deposited the same business day.

For all other banks, transfer will generally be completed by the next business day.

Yes!  After we receive a money transfer  that is destined for your bank account, you have 7 days to complete your registration. If you do not complete your registration within this time, your transfer will automatically be returned to the sender at the end of the 7th day.

It depends on which option of the direct to bank service that was used.

  1. If you had provided your sender with your bank account details and the funds were already sent directly to you bank account then you are unable to change and pick up cash. 

  2. However, if you did not provide your sender with your banking details,you can either pick up cash at your nearest Western Union or call our Call Centre at 876-926-2454 to have your funds send to your bank account once you were registered for the Direct to Bank service. 

Thank you for choosing GraceKennedy Money Services!

If you require any assistance, do give us a call at 876-926-2454 or email us at We are ready to serve you.

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To use the Direct to Bank service you have to be a registered D2B customer – registration is a quick and easy one-time activity that takes place online (for existing GKMS Western Union customers) and in-store for new customers.

There are three (3) Phases in the Direct to Bank (D2B) process:

Phase 1: Customer Registration.

New customers must register in-store at any GKMS Western Union. Existing GKMS Western Union customers can register online: Access the GraceKennedy Money Services website using your computer or mobile phone and fill out the required registration details. The online registration website is

GKMS customers will have the opportunity to enter demographic and banking information supported by pictorial proof that the information presented for verification is valid and current.

After confirming the validity of their email, customers will be able to access the online portal and navigate through the screens entering the relevant information to process their registration.

Customers are required to provide the following:

  1. Basic Info – Name, DOB.
  2. Employment Info– Place of employment and employment particulars i.e. occupation.
  3. Contact info – Current mailing address, Telephone, Cell numbers.
  4.  Primary Identification Info– National ID, Driver’s Permit or Passport.
  5.  Secondary identification Info– customer will provide a second ID type of the three options stated above.
  6. Security Info– Customer required to provide secret questions and answers to secure their account and future transactions.
  7. Document Upload– All the relevant documents required to process the application is uploaded into the system. The documents have to be verified in a separate phase of the process before the customer is able to access the service.

Phase 2: Customer Verification Process

The verification process consists of actions by GKMS to validate the authenticity of the  information provided at the Registration Stage (uploaded documents+ banking information + Demographic information). This involves matching uploaded details against information available in our internal databases as well as external National ID Verification Systems. You will be contacted by one of our team members when this step is completed.

Phase 3: Start using Direct to Bank!

Once you have been successfully registered you can start receiving Western Union money transfers in your bank account. Follow these quick steps:

  1.  Call our Contact Centre at 623-6000 the next time you are expecting a money transfer to initiate the bank transfer. Calls should be placed as soon as funds are available for collection.
  2. Tell the CSR you are registered for Direct to Bank transfers.
  3. Provide the related Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
  4. Enjoy the safety & convenience of having funds transferred directly into your bank account.

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